Process Note

We are a paperless company. We also value your time. We have devised this portal in order to create a smart way to find a match between you and us. You will find the initial activity in a systematic series of actions directed to your desired position without needing you to spend excessive time and money and wasting paper. The pain of process is only temporary but the feeling of achievement lasts forever. We appreciate your cooperation in this intent. Find out how you will use this portal and make your entry to our company easy. The simple processes are made simpler for you here.

Step 1

Apply for the job which is available for you and best suits your career intent.

Step 2

You need to complete your resume/CV/biodata according to prescribed format. You may also upload your resume in pdf format.The file size should be between 100-300 kb.

Step 3

Now, the Recruitment Officer may select you for an interview.

Step 4

Come for the interview on the due date if you are selected for interview.

Step 5

If you want to reschedule the date you may request for a "Request for Reschedule".

Step 6

HR may or may not approve your request for reschedule. If you are absent for the interview you may start allover from Step 1.

N.B:Please note that in every step you will be notified by email. Please do not forget to check your "Spam" or "Junk" mailbox for the emails and react to them in time.